Asparagus and bits of bacon: a good friday treat

Because I am a lapsed (fallen and baggage-hauling) Catholic, the fact that French Fridays with Dorie included bits of bacon on Good Friday must have been some cosmic coincidence.  I realize that many of us are posting this, and that statistically speaking, at least some other Dorie posters are or were Catholic.  Still, bacon on Good Friday rocks.   I actually made this recipe last weekend, so I didn’t get to enjoy the irony of bacon on Good Friday, but at least I get to write a post about it.

This asparagus is a good treat for a Friday, too, even if the Friday in question is not “Good” Friday.

Dorie suggested that walnut oil be used in the lemon juice to toss with the blanched asparagus, but I didn’t want to buy it, so I used sesame oil, which I have around.  It lends itself to this dish well, and the nutty flavor is still present.

This is a great spring simple dish, and I liked it for that reason.  I’d make it even simpler with the oil, lemon, and onion and forget the bacon — it took the longest time to prepare and chop.

We ate this meal last Sunday, on a gorgeous spring day that provided me with sunlight and time for a nice long bike ride.  I’ve become more and more dependent on the rides to clear my head.  And after the ride, this dinner of asparagus and baked tomatoes with leftover Romano cheese from Pizza Rustica and Ed’s barbeque chicken hit the spot perfectly.

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22 Responses to Asparagus and bits of bacon: a good friday treat

  1. banbamama says:

    Lovely! I love asparagus and I love your blog. Happy Easter!

  2. Alice says:

    Walnut and hazelnut oils are simply a couple of oils that I cant get in small quantities and not worth the trouble of finding and purchasing… so don’t fret! I just used olive oil in mine sans nuts and it was still pretty great! 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Looks good – Happy Easter!

  4. Nigella Lawson is actually the one who turned me on to walnut oil and now, because of her & Dorie, I have so many recipes that call for it I find that I need to buy a new bottle about once per year. And yet, somehow I can’t seem to bring myself to buy any other nut oils because I’m afraid that they will go to waste. Silly really since they seem to be so interchangeable. I’ll bet sesame oil was a great alternative.

  5. Cher says:

    I keep a small bottle of walnut oil – it is a lovely finishing agent on many salads or fresh veggie dishes. But sesame oil was a really nice alternative – especially since it has such a nice nutty flavor.
    (P.S. I had to go ask The Dude -who is Catholic- why bacon on Good Friday was ironic 🙂 He looked at me like I had two heads)

    • A couple of you have convinced me that I need to get a small bottle of walnut oil, so that is on the list next shopping trip. Ask the DWIC about the special dispensation for Chicago-living Catholics on St. Patrick’s Day when it happens to fall on a Friday — even more fun, that one!

  6. I was raised a questionable catholic (went to catholic school but it wasn´t practiced at home… contradictory to say the least) and never really payed attention to the details, like meat on Good Friday! Like that alone is going to solve anything! Better to have an honest life the rest of the year.

    • I know, but those old habits are so ingrained. I eat meat whenever now, but my mom even enforced metaless Fridays all through lent, and reminded us that when she was a girl, there was never any meat on any Friday (unless, of course, St. Patrick’s Day happened to fall on Friday, and then Catholics in Chicago were all given papal dispensation to eat corned beef!).

  7. These look fantastic. And, I had to make these in a hurry yesterday before Friday hit!

  8. nana says:

    Looks wonderful. Tricia’s family and mine both enjoyed this one, and will definitely be
    making the recipe again. Happy Easter.

  9. It’s so nice that biking relaxes you. I on the other hand am I terrible biker. When we moved here and decided to only have one car I thought “Oh I will buy a bike and be one of those people who bikes to work and it’s good for me and good for the environment tra-la-la” Well it turns out I can’t bike anywhere without becoming a sweaty pig because there is not a flat surface anywhere in this town and coming to work drenched in sweat is not really a good look for me. So me and biking don’t mix, but I fully respect those that get along with it. Glad you enjoyed this recipe as much as I did!

  10. And what did you prepare for Good Friday?

    • Ah, well, Ed made chicken on the grill, and we had salad. However, Joyce did say grace, so you know, we’re keeping the faith!

      Bonus for good friday is a 20 mile ride!

      • I’m envious of the 20-mile ride. I need to get back out on my bike. Chicken sounds perfectly acceptable to me. Mark wanted to do part of a Passover seder last night to start a tradition here, as his dad is Jewish and they did the seder when he was a kid. So, he did the matzoh ball soup and the matzoh, horseradish, apple/honey/walnut thing, etc., but to top off the meal he made beer-can chicken on the grill. Not sure which Jewish cookbook that came from …

      • Possibly the only thing that might entice someone to convert — beer can chicken at a seder! I’ve only been to one, and alas, no beer can chicken was served. The hostess would be open to such a thing, I am sure.

        Yes, get your bike out –the weather is great!

  11. Tricia S. says:

    Gorgeous shots of your asparagus- love the close up ! Yes, we liked this one and it was a hit in Nana’s house too. She is making it for our big Easter dinner on Sunday, and I will be there fork in hand 🙂 You inspired me to try a small bottle of the walnut oil….after all those testimonials….and also to get my tushy out on my own bike. I love to do that and it is one of the best parts of Spring. Happy Easter !

  12. betsy says:

    Sounds like an excellent meal. My pizza rustica was gone by the time I made the asparagus. I use walnut oil frequently. It’s great in salads. If you like beets, it makes the perfect vinaigrette for a beet salad with walnuts. But, for this dish, I do like the sound of the sesame oil you used. Nice job.

  13. Very fun – I had missed the Good Friday aspect of bacon until reading this! And that’s even after all the effort to eat fish last Friday. Pizza Rustica wonderfulllll!

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