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Super sunday?

What if, instead of spending millions on advertising, the corporate greed-mongers donated all of that money to schools, hospitals, and unions?  What if instead of spending millions of money to fly super rich folk to the Superbowl, for a super … Continue reading

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DIY wars: who is behind shutting down artisan ice cream makers?

The Chicago Tribune recently did a story on local ice cream makers being shutdown by the Illinois Department of Public health for not having a dairy license. The article noted that the artisan ice cream makers in Chicago had followed … Continue reading

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A cool drink of water

I’ve been re-reading Writing A Woman’s Life by Carolyn Heilbrun — it was published in 1988 and re-reading it now makes me realize just how far women have strayed, ambled, run, and yes moved on and from the path of … Continue reading

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The mad cap adventures of Princess Belle

Gorilla Girl’s cousin and aunt sent her a new favorite book for Valentine’s Day — it is called Enchanted Stables and it incorporates three princesses, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White, each in her own mad cap “adventure” involving a horse.  … Continue reading

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Not so pretty in pink

Peggy Orenstein’s Schoolgirls, when it was released in 1994, like other feminist works of the 1990s, questioned, probed, revealed, and prompted changes and shifts in education, the work place and social interactions.  Her book, like Myra and David Sadker’s Failing … Continue reading

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Farewell, Rosie

This iconic poster has adorned the wall of my classroom for the last fifteen or so years, as long as I have been teaching in MS 176. Geraldine Doyle, the woman who was the source of inspiration for this poster, … Continue reading

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Fashionista barbie, door bells and prince charlie

A few days ago, Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl were playing while I made dinner.  Gorilla Girl said to Monkey Man, “You will be Prince Charlie and I’ll visit you.” For a moment, I thought I should correct Gorilla Girl, … Continue reading

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The grinch meets uncle ho

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl are excited about the impending visit from Santa, and despite my misgivings, reluctance, and inherent distrust of rampant consumerism, I know that there will be presents under our tree from Santa.  Because I’ve always been … Continue reading

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