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Snow day?

  While Chicago and most of the midwest is hunkering down in preparation for “snowmageddon,” my school is preparing teachers, parents, and students for business as usual. The blizzard alert for Chicago on  The Weather Channel emphatically warns people not … Continue reading

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Beet this!

My friend wrote about her son’s beet soup, and the image stuck with me, even though I haven’t eaten beets too often.  Her photo of the finished soup was pretty amazing.  Because I didn’t have enough butternut squash to make … Continue reading

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Belly up to the Pho bar

In preparation for Tet (Vietnamese New Year) arriving on February 3rd, I am testing recipes for our annual Tet Celebration.  A friend asked if I had tried making Pho, and I hadn’t, so I thought there is no time like … Continue reading

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On aging: bifocals, or a kick in the teeth?

When I told my colleague that I had to get bifocals, he laughed, “Wow, that’s a kick in the teeth.” I wondered, was it really that bad to need bifocals at 44? Why is aging in our culture perceived with … Continue reading

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Tell me about your tattoo

One of the most memorable lessons of 7th grade is the “Interview and Experience” Project.  We assign students to identify, contact, interview and “experience” a slice of someone’s life. The person they choose needs to be different from them in … Continue reading

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Stop arguing

Monkey Man was apparently channeling his pirate shirt and alter-ego after his bath, walking around chanting, “Arg, Arg.” He wandered into the bathroom while Gorilla Girl was brushing her teeth and I tried to goad him into more chanting. After … Continue reading

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Gorilla Girl has a habit of hiding under furniture when she has committed an act that she knows is unacceptable or dangerous. Several weeks ago, she ran at top speed from my room, dashed under the couch and remained hidden … Continue reading

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