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Making it work

Gorilla Girl’s and Monkey Man’s nursery teacher uses the phrase “make it work” when she is cajoling stubborn three and four year-olds to make nice, join the group, or otherwise adhere to the rules of decent, community-oriented behavior. I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Out of the mouths of babes: gender divide

Gorilla Girl and Monkey Man are taking a bath – I can hear them on the baby monitor from downstairs. As I write, I think of the little things they say that make me laugh. Or cringe. Today, during our … Continue reading

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At a child’s party

We sit at the table Sticky with candy corn remnants, Melted ice cream, sugary frosting A child’s party reveals us Asleep in my arms my son Warms me as you speak Protects me from the chill In whispers you talk … Continue reading

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Definite Uncertainty

A month ago today, I celebrated my 44th birthday.  Celebrate is perhaps too strong a word; facebook messages reminded me it was my birthday.  Later, my kids sang happy birthday to me and we ate ice cream cake. Otherwise, it … Continue reading

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How frinkles produce tranquility

Hanna made a cake for everyone for monkey man’s and gorilla girl’s birthdays.  The recipe came from the Sesame Street Cookbook (purchased by Mairead and Hanna for a Christmas present last year).  One of gorilla girl’s greatest pleasures is paging … Continue reading

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Extra ordinary life

This summer, I went to Paris and Montpelier, France with my high school friend, to visit my college friend and her partner. It was the first time I’d been away from my family for an extended time. And the first … Continue reading

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I saw a mouse late last night in my house. It could be the colder temperatures driving them into seek shelter.  It could also be the lure of neatly stashed food, under the futon against the wall, stored by M, … Continue reading

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Hispanic heritage month

I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive. –Frida Kahlo, 12-18-1939 Thanks to my school colleagues for organizing the Hispanic Heritage Month assembly today. It was a good reminder to look outward for … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and lessons on being decent

Motherhood isn’t all heavy-duty exhaustion and selflessness.  In moments like this, you get to be part of amazing stuff.  My kids celebrated their birthdays for the first time with their classmates at school.  We made cupcakes with their older sisters … Continue reading

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Only the beginning

My class is reading and discussing American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.  It has been fascinating and exciting, but sometimes a struggle.  The books has layers and conflicts and makes readers uncomfortable on many levels by pushing them into … Continue reading

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