Pizza rustica and love cakes

This weekend, I baked Pizza Rustica in Baking with Julia, and loved it.  I mean loved, as in, I could eat this every day if the cheese and egg count alone wouldn’t kill me.  It was amazing — sweet dough (what with the 1/3 cup sugar), and all that salty Pecorino Romano  and prosciutto to balance the sweetness. The pie was so good that my neighbor, an Italian cook herself who makes homemade pasta on a daily basis, wanted the recipe for her family’s Easter celebration. It was so good that Ed on his low carb diet ate more than two slices. It was that good.

However, it still wasn’t good enough for Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl, who refused it on sight, and demanded an alternate dinner (broccoli and cheese, anyone?).

Since I started making homemade ice cream about a year ago, and homemade bread in January, Ed reminds Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl on a regular basis that my secret ingredient is “love.” Even all the love in my pizza rustica couldn’t get MM and GG to go for it. Too spicy, they said, green things, they said (fresh chopped parsley). Like a spurned lover, I turned to alternate “love” infused foods.

Enter buttermilk raspberry cake, because it just seemed like a perfect spring cake.  Gorilla Girl, while eating her piece of said cake tonight, noted that this was a “loooove cake.” She happens to be quite a fan of looooove cakes. We talked a bit about all of the foods we eat, made with love, of course.

In my faculty meeting today, someone shared jelly beans, because at the end of the day, teachers always seem to need a jolt of sugar.  A colleague noted that Americans eat so much sugar that, according to a recent NY Times article, it is now a toxic substance. As I munched my fifth (or twenty-fifth) jelly bean, I wondered if my children are eating too much sugar. We avoid processed foods like the plague, but there is certainly no shortage of love infused cakes, ice cream, cookies, and desserts in this house. After reading the article, “Is Sugar Toxic?” I began to doubt my love infused cake theory.  What good is loved infused cake if the sugar is toxic? Perhaps I need to rethink food — again — in order to help my family sustain a healthy and long life.

Perhaps my love needs a new outlet, one less connected to refined sugar.

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15 Responses to Pizza rustica and love cakes

  1. Hmm…love salad maybe? Will that work?

  2. Wendy says:

    Too bad your kids didn’t enjoy it, but I’m glad you did! I think having a treat once a day is not toxic. I think it becomes toxic if you are eating sugary things more than that.

  3. Your pie looks great and I love your red pie dish!…sugar toxic? probably a good thing for all of us to ponder 🙂

  4. betsy says:

    Pizza Rustica = Love Pie for you! I think that when you’re making homemade treats, you probably don’t make enough for a toxic dose. For people who live on processed foods, it’s a different story. That said, thanks for sharing the link to the article. I’m going to check it out as I believe we can’t know enough about the food we eat. It’s so complicated.

    • True, we don’t live on processed foods, but the article notes that even small amounts of sugar can cause our livers to work overtime. It is complicated, indeed, and I don’t want to become food obsessed. I like enjoying food too much for that, but still worth paying attention.

  5. Piebird says:

    love you including MM’s and GG’s critiques! broccoli and cheese? even better that they like to eat veggies. yes, 60 minutes had a segment on toxic sugar this Sunday. it’s scary that people can consume that much sugar, and probably not even know it, in processed foods. even scarier those are average numbers, so some people are eating much more. at least when we bake, we know exactly what and how much is in our food! moderation is my mantra.

  6. Cher says:

    I guess broccoli & cheese isn’t the worst alternate meal in the world 🙂
    That’s one of the things I like about making things myself – far less scary ingredients (or amounts of ingredients)

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  8. I can’t believe anyone would choose broccoli over this! We loved the pizza rustica and broccoli makes me literally shudder so I just don’t understand. 🙂 If you want some new ideas for less sugar-y fare, check out – she makes a lot of really yummy looking things for her kids that use sugar alternatives. But I think you shouldn’t rule out loooooooooooooooove cakes entirely – everything in moderation right? After all, we have that lemon loaf cake coming up….

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