The sparkling blue of Lake Michigan, in the summer sun, with a brisk breeze is enticing and inviting, and as I remembered that particular shade, I recalled the time our rental catamaran flung us into those blue depths. I’m not a sailor, and know nothing about how to control a sailboat.  I don’t know a thing about sailboat lingo. But when EE suggested, many moons ago, that HE and the two of us go sailing in Montrose Harbor on a perfect breezy summer day, I was in.  EE was a knowledgeable sailor, and would direct HE and I as we learned the ropes. He was confident in our ability to get the hang of it. It was incredibly freeing to be on the Lake, sun shining, spray in our faces, as we sailed away from shore. A sense of peace and calm was mine for a few moments, but soon, I began to worry about the waves and the wind.  As the breeze became a strong wind, we picked up speed and water sloshed over the pontoons. Just before we were thrown overboard, I shouted to EE that I thought we might tip. Alas, the boat veered so hard sideways that we flipped over, and HE and I were tossed, along with the trusty Captain, overboard.

We were much younger then, and despite the fact of our impending triathlon, impervious to small twinges of injury sustained in somewhat reckless endeavors. I did have a rather large and impressive bruise on my hamstring, where the boat must have whapped me on my way overboard. We were rescued and our boat restored by passing speed boaters.Our adventure over, I believe we laughed about the crispness of the cold water and the suddenness of our plunge.

In any case, I do wonder why those sorts of adventures are not the ones we take Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl on now-a-days.  Older parents that we are, we tend to more subdued kinds of summer fun, and my triathloning days are behind me now, at least for a while. Seems like the blue of the Lake, though, is something we should aspire to have more of next summer, as this one winds to a close. EJ keeps reminding me to savor summer, and this one has sped on much too quickly.  Perhaps some adjustments are necessary for next summer — adjustments that might allow for adventure in the depths.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    So good to see a new blog from you!

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