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In praise of honesty: the complexities of adoption

Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition, released Baby, We Were Meant for Each Other: In Praise of Adoption in late summer 2009; Simon and his wife adopted two girls from China.  A friend told me about the book, suggesting … Continue reading

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Julia Child in disguise

I refer to myself as a survivalist cooker – the normal circumstances under which I cook tend to be for survival and not for enjoyment. However, in Three Oaks, things are different, and during the last several weeks I have … Continue reading

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I’ll take my cheerios dry, if you please

This morning, Gorilla Girl wanted her Cheerios in a bag, not a bowl (dry, no milk).  As I was distractedly trying to get myself ready for work, I was also attempting to pour her Cheerios from the bowl into a … Continue reading

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Against all odds

Angela Levin published “The Romanian orphan enjoying his first time at Oxford” in the Telegraph on November 11th. I just discovered it thanks to a list serve for adoptive parents. Cornel Hrisca-Munn is studying Philosophy at Oxford now, but he … Continue reading

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Wear it proudly

It will be better by the time you are married — this it what my mom uttered each time I got a scrape, bruise, or sprained an ankle. I spent much of my childhood playing tackle football with boys in … Continue reading

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Memories of Mom

My mom lived on the edge of a crisis.  Her brother was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was in high school, in 1950, and my grandparents lost everything paying the hospital bills.  I never met my uncle since … Continue reading

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Autumn chores

This weekend, I raked leaves, probably one of the first times since I was a small child, when my raking was minimally useful. I raked a gigantic pile of them at my house in Michigan.  We have a fairly good-sized … Continue reading

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On the road again

This weekend, I drove for miles, most of it through central Illinois. Maybe because I was driving Gorilla Girl and Monkey Man who were snoozing on and off, and maybe because I was listening to favorite old songs on my … Continue reading

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Commodification of Education

On Election night, I watched Frontline’s College, Inc. During the expose, I became more and more animated and upset by what I was learning.  Because I am a teacher who believes in the power of education to change lives, minds … Continue reading

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Reason #37 not to pursue a PhD in humanities

For anyone who has considered “higher education” as a life goal or who is already struggling to teach  humanities, words of humor and wisdom… Thanks, Ed, for sending this one…

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