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Winter break reading

As part of my winter break reading, I decided to tackle a book of essays that seemed, on the surface, interesting.  Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt caught my eye because Sarah Vowell said it was great. I love Sarah … Continue reading

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Baking gougères: yet another antidote

The rain has continued all day. It is gray, dark, and chilly outside. I stomped off to the local “everything under the sun in one” pharmacy, only to discover they were out of parchment paper! Horrors. Back home in my … Continue reading

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Baking bread: the antidote

In response to my own mid-life crisis post, I decided to take action.  I suppose I should have done this sooner in the holiday season, but better late than never.  I decided to bake bread.  It won’t cure all of … Continue reading

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Kin in the kitchen

Thanks to Hanna for the inspiration — her A to Z holiday photo montage kicked my brain into gear. My cousin and his mom (that makes her my aunt) visited us today, and as we sat around the dinner table, … Continue reading

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Mid-life and mixing metaphors

I teach and work closely with two 30-something year olds. And I envy their solidity, their self-assurance, their knowledge of themselves. I remember when I was a 30-something teacher; I knew that I had all the answers, that I had … Continue reading

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Christmas at dusk

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