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Adoption Reading and Resources: The Primal Wound

A few months ago, Gorilla Girl was having a hard time in school — major meltdowns, tantrums, and what her teachers describe as “hoarding” — of paper, scraps, class toys. They were concerned partly because Gorilla Girl seemed to hoard … Continue reading

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Falling off the grid

Since spring break started, I’ve fallen off the writing wagon.  Spring break has been a long time coming and now that it is here, well, it isn’t quite what I had expected, and the thoughts in my head have not … Continue reading

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Like mice on the wheel

After a long day of teaching 7th graders, and then attending a union meeting in preparation for contract negotiations, I attended my school’s screening of the film, The Race to Nowhere.  I had heard mixed reviews about this film from … Continue reading

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A cool drink of water

I’ve been re-reading Writing A Woman’s Life by Carolyn Heilbrun — it was published in 1988 and re-reading it now makes me realize just how far women have strayed, ambled, run, and yes moved on and from the path of … Continue reading

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Quotidian pleasures

When your kids’ nursery school teacher sends you an email mid-day with the subject line: Gorilla Girl’s health, you know deep down that you have been one of those parents, the kind that sends your kid to school with a … Continue reading

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Just stay in Peru!

It must be that time of year. We are nearing spring break, and our school just completed its annual Diversity Day program — a huge success, but one that took an extraordinary amount of energy from teachers to coordinate, plan … Continue reading

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