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Farewell, Rosie

This iconic poster has adorned the wall of my classroom for the last fifteen or so years, as long as I have been teaching in MS 176. Geraldine Doyle, the woman who was the source of inspiration for this poster, … Continue reading

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(un)Blinded by race and class

I still have not seen the beginning of The Blind Side, but I did manage to see enough of it to form strong opinions and to have a visceral reaction.  The more I thought about the movie, the less comfortable … Continue reading

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Unapologetic promotion of St. John Spice

I know, I know, this isn’t a food blog.  But it is Winter Break, and I am in Michigan and I am cooking. So, instead of relying on other people’s recipes, I made up my own today (well, adapted, and … Continue reading

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Recipes, though this is by no means a food blog!

We finally saw Julie and Julia and I loved the idea of a food blog that also tells the story of a year in one’s life.  Julia Child stole the show, though.  Anyway, this post can’t even hold a candle … Continue reading

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Sequel to running

After a good run, you want to eat.  And you want to eat warm, hearty food. As per my habit in Three Oaks, I made two tasty meals — one on Christmas day (new tradition?) and one today. On Christmas … Continue reading

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On running

For most of my life, I ran either the Chicago streets or most recently, the Chicago Lakefront Path. Running in Chicago is exhilarating: the lake path is used by runners, walkers, and bikers and is well traveled.  Running from Hyde … Continue reading

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Holidaze: traditions

Why is it that we progressives forget how to end things well?  Today was the last day of school before the winter break at my supposedly progressive, liberal school. Instead of coming together as a community and sharing a positive … Continue reading

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Fashionista barbie, door bells and prince charlie

A few days ago, Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl were playing while I made dinner.  Gorilla Girl said to Monkey Man, “You will be Prince Charlie and I’ll visit you.” For a moment, I thought I should correct Gorilla Girl, … Continue reading

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The grinch meets uncle ho

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl are excited about the impending visit from Santa, and despite my misgivings, reluctance, and inherent distrust of rampant consumerism, I know that there will be presents under our tree from Santa.  Because I’ve always been … Continue reading

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Until recently, I’ve been a concealed blogger – really, it’s ironic that I was writing so much only to keep what I’d written hidden from public view.  If I’d not been blogging, maybe it would be more reasonable, but given … Continue reading

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