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Five on friday

I wrote this post on Friday, but here it is Sunday and I still haven’t posted it. Okay, so a couple of weeks are in the books for school.  We made it through two Open House nights, one night of … Continue reading

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Blueberry trifecta: labor day weekend in Michigan

By chance, luck or the randomness of the universe, I scored three pints of the last blueberries of the season at the farmers’ market (hello fall squash and apples, goodbye berries).  In my eagerness make use of the berries,  I … Continue reading

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Julia Child in disguise

I refer to myself as a survivalist cooker – the normal circumstances under which I cook tend to be for survival and not for enjoyment. However, in Three Oaks, things are different, and during the last several weeks I have … Continue reading

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Autumn chores

This weekend, I raked leaves, probably one of the first times since I was a small child, when my raking was minimally useful. I raked a gigantic pile of them at my house in Michigan.  We have a fairly good-sized … Continue reading

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Mice, lice and stinky feet

While Monkey Man was getting undressed for his bath, he begged me to tickle his “stinky feet.” Because he is four, despite the pungent foot aroma wafting from his shoes at the end of a long day, I would hardly … Continue reading

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Making it work

Gorilla Girl’s and Monkey Man’s nursery teacher uses the phrase “make it work” when she is cajoling stubborn three and four year-olds to make nice, join the group, or otherwise adhere to the rules of decent, community-oriented behavior. I’ve watched … Continue reading

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How frinkles produce tranquility

Hanna made a cake for everyone for monkey man’s and gorilla girl’s birthdays.  The recipe came from the Sesame Street Cookbook (purchased by Mairead and Hanna for a Christmas present last year).  One of gorilla girl’s greatest pleasures is paging … Continue reading

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