Gone bananas

The soundtrack of our life has lately included far too much Taylor Swift.  Monkey Man’s favorite is the Romeo and Juliet song, while Gorilla Girl loves “Fifteen” and “You Belong With Me.” In the car, Monkey Man exhibits his skill at guessing a song based on about five seconds of the opening chords, and he belts out the words as we drive.  Gorilla Girl laments this, and last time it happened, said, “Monkey Man, you’re bringing me bananas!”

My fit of giggles sent Gorilla Girl into correction mode, and she stammered, “No, no, you’re driving me oranges!”  More peals of laughter, from both GG and me.  She gets the joke, apparently.

Later that night, finally, GG managed to get it out –“Monkey Man is driving me bananas,” she said at bed time.

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