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Trying on jerky pants — or what it’s like to be a 7th grade teacher in February

On my way to class the other day, I passed a few colleagues on hallway duty in the break between lunch and the start of classes.  One colleague was waving her arms like a traffic cop, desperately attempting to quell … Continue reading

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The dog news

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl invented a new game today called the dog news. Alternating turns, each of them invents a new “rule,” then laughs hysterically.  Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl played a round or two at dinner today, and … Continue reading

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Dog lips

Monkey Man, Gorilla Girl and I were playing in the yard, when the neighbor’s dog, Stuie, came racing across the street — Stuie is a black lab/shepherd, and though still a pup, he weighs about 80 pounds, and he’s fast.  … Continue reading

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Gone bananas

The soundtrack of our life has lately included far too much Taylor Swift.  Monkey Man’s favorite is the Romeo and Juliet song, while Gorilla Girl loves “Fifteen” and “You Belong With Me.” In the car, Monkey Man exhibits his skill … Continue reading

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