I’ve been trying not to pay too much attention to the anti-choice rhetoric spewed by the right and by Republicans, but this recent spate of attacks on women has me more depressed than ever. I try not to pay attention because it makes me angry, hopeless and depressed.  When I got an email from MoveOn.org entitled “Reprehensible” I had no choice but to stop and pay more attention.

Ten years ago, I nearly lost my life, but was saved because doctors performed a late-term (seventeen weeks) abortion in order to prevent me from hemorrhaging to death. It was a long and complicated ordeal, but in short, I was transfused with 20 units of blood during a 48 hour time period. Had the doctors not made the decision to terminate during the second, and most dangerous hemorrhage, I would surely have died, along with the fetus I was carrying.  The latest legislation would deny abortions to women even if their lives were threatened by the pregnancy.  Had these men been the ones to decide, I would not be writing now.

I’ve gotten email messages from MoveOn.org, Planned Parenthood, and others about this very dangerous threat to women, to a woman’s rights to choose, and to the doctors and organizations that provide safe, authentic and empathic help to women during times of crisis.

Others have written eloquently and persuasively about the threat to women from this latest round of proposed legislation. I’ve survived my own sorrows with abortion,  and the lingering sorrow remains, but fervently hope that the misogyny of the legislative bodies that govern our land won’t stand in the way of safe, legal, available abortions when they are necessary. I was talking with friends about abortion and the Catholic Church’s stance this weekend, and we agreed that no one, ever, wants an abortion for transient and thoughtless reasons.  Abortion costs women dearly, but the alternative, costs even more.

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  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you. What a horrible thing to have to experience, then to have to re-live it on the political stage…yikes. I’ve always believed in the “my body, my choice” philosophy and simply couldn’t vote for an office-holder who wanted to interfere with that basic right.

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