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Building nests: nighttime comfort and belonging

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl have, for the last several months, even for the last couple of years, been traveling in the middle of the night from their beds to ours. We have developed several theories about why they insist … Continue reading

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Silly putty induced mania

Too bad today isn’t Monday, I’d have the perfect soundtrack for the day — The Bangles, “Manic Monday.” It started with silly putty.  Gorilla Girl loves the stuff, but in her adoration, leaves the neon putty attached to furniture, rugs, … Continue reading

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I love you more than beer

Monkey Man has a sense of humor, and we’ve know that for a long time. Monkey Man also loves to cuddle at night, and frequently says, “Mommy, hold me,” at bedtime.  During the last couple of nights, Monkey Man has … Continue reading

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