Waiting on the Big Green Soup Pot

IMG_0499We’ve moved into a house from our condo, and it’s been a fairly exciting adventure, although it’s also been fraught with a few challenges. Despite the challenges, we’re slowly making headway on unpacking and organizing our lives in a new, more spacious, home, and we’re enjoying our tree-house like existence. Our home is in an old Chicago neighborhood, that in the words of my sister, “might as well be the suburbs.”  I have to disagree a little; it’s still not the ‘burbs, but ancient trees (or at least really, really old ones) adorn our front lawn and shade our back porch.

IMG_0498One of the things I’m anticipating is digging out my big green soup pot to make pho for our big Tet celebration, which does not happen until winter, so I’ll have to imagine the smells of the anise, cilantro, ginger, garlic and other spices simmering away for hours, and wait for that heady aroma to fill this new space with the chatter of friends and family. In the midst of the hottest day so far this summer, I am not sure why cooking soup comes to mind, but as we gradually unpack and unearth our boxed possessions, and as our home begins to feel more like us, I am eager to share it with others. I suppose soup can do that — bring us together to share in our good fortune.

Perhaps it is also the green of the trees that I enjoy everyday from various vantage points in the house that makes me consider the green of my big soup pot.  No matter the reason, though, I am waiting on the green soup pot to share the beauty of this place with friends and family who’ve not already visited.



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2 Responses to Waiting on the Big Green Soup Pot

  1. Eileen says:

    Can’t wait for test this year. Can’t wait to spend time in this new house and love you are posting again… I know you are busy but don’t stop I love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks, Ei. I will try to keep writing. Feel like I’ve lost my voice, so have to find it again!

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