Whoa, there!

1017634_10100499644645121_880295589_nNot to be redundant, but Gorilla Girl is amazing.  She has been interested in horses and riding them for a few years now, perhaps because two of her cousins ride, and has been astride a horse only a couple of times previous to Monday.

1013399_10100499616566391_494471862_nGorilla Girl’s first lesson at Spring Creek Equestrian Center was a definite success.  Gorilla Girl didn’t seem shy or nervous, and she was immediately comfortable with AG, the owner and trainer.  AG was patient with Gorilla Girl, explaining how to prepare the horse, groom it, and get it ready to ride.  Gorilla Girl did her part, confidently, and she listened carefully.  When it came time to ride, I expected a quick walk around the arena, but instead, Gorilla Girl spent a good 45-60 minutes astride Smore (a name that struck Gorilla Girl as perfect for her).  I watched in amazement as AG directed GG to ride knees in, toes up, arms out to the side and in front to work on balance.  Gorilla Girl even worked on trotting and slowing her horse.  She practiced standing in the saddle for 20 counts. She held the reins and followed AG’s instructions to a T.

1011071_10100499873232031_200690365_nAfter the ride, GG helped with grooming and putting away her gear. In the midst of the grooming, another larger show horse that had been working out in the area came galloping down the row of stalls, and AG quickly shoved GG and me into the harness stall while the others chased the loose animal into the outdoor area.  It was a bit intimidating to see that horse coming at us, but thankfully, quick thinking and reaction kept everyone safe.

Gorilla Girl’s only complaint about the whole thing was that she didn’t like the feel of Smore’s lips on her hand when she fed Smore the carrot after the ride. AG assured GG that she’ll get used to the horse lips. Gorilla Girl heads back for lesson two on Monday. I hope this doesn’t mean I have to find a second job!

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2 Responses to Whoa, there!

  1. jyourist says:

    Wow. What poise and confidence she demonstrates!

  2. Eileen says:

    Lok at our girl- she is awesome

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