Monkey Girl: the super kid formerly known as Gorilla Girl

I must have known when I started writing here about Gorilla Girl that she was gifted with talents I could neither imagine nor predict. I’ve noted here her artistic flair, but have continued to stand in awe at her physical strength and agility.

Monkey/Gorilla Girl’s PE report card noted that she is in the 90-100% range for strength and fitness based on her numbers of push ups, sits ups, and her mile run. Her energy is boundless. M/G Girl seems to relish exploring with her physical being, and even though she eschews formalized lessons (I’ve asked often if dance, gymnastics, soccer were things she wanted to sign up for–with a firm no in response each time), she seems to inhabit her body in ways that make her a “natural.” M/G Girl’s energy and spirit of adventurous exploration come from deep within her. She does not need lessons, or structures, at least for now, to hone her skills. Her skill is all play now, as it should be.

M/G Girl has developed this habit of “showing” what she can do — and our pride in her accomplishments is clearly something that she thrives upon.  However, even when we are not there, M/G Girl climbs, swings, runs, jumps, and plays with her big heart beating along to her inner joy.

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1 Response to Monkey Girl: the super kid formerly known as Gorilla Girl

  1. Jennifer says:

    She’s an amazing little monkey!

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