Olive oil ice cream: knowing who is boss (of the kitchen)

First off, I am an ice cream making fool, at least since last summer, when my obsession began. I’ve made an astonishing array of ice cream, including asparagus, most recently. Dorie’s olive oil ice cream, while satisfying and creamy, didn’t spark my taste buds as much as the fruit based, vegetable based, or plain old chocolate and vanilla ice cream that I’ve come to rely upon (mostly from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop).  Perhaps my olive oil was not fruity enough, so I may give it another try, but not until I work my way through the varieties that I have planned for the summer ahead.

As ice cream making goes, though, Dorie’s olive oil ice cream was simple enough and it did pair nicely with the almond olive oil cake that I made as an accompaniment. The ice cream was sort of bland looking, just like vanilla, but far less satisfying in that homey vanilla way.  As for satisfying color,  the asparagus was a lovely shade of pastel green that made me yearn to create it again with spring peas (Ed vetoed that idea, though, and instead I made pea pesto).

You’d think that Ed’s veto of my spring pea ice cream inspiration might make him the boss (of the kitchen), but no, according to Gorilla Girl, the kitchen is firmly my domain. Gorilla Girl wanted a treat, and when Ed told her, no, she replied, “I’m going to ask Mommy.  She’s the boss of the kitchen.”

I don’t want to be the boss of the kitchen, but I wouldn’t mind the accolades garnered by creating a few more shades of pastel ice cream to match the vibrant colors of summer. Does anyone have a recipe for rose petal ice cream?

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2 Responses to Olive oil ice cream: knowing who is boss (of the kitchen)

  1. Rose petal ice cream sounds divine! I have some Rosewater that I bought to make a raspberry and Rosewater cheesecake and I think that would be an interesting ice cream flavor. This was my first foray and I think I might become obsessed too. I loved it!

  2. heidi1169 says:

    Thanks for the post, I am going to check out The Perfect Scoop at the library. your family is beautiful.

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