Feeding the fever

Saturday was dreary, cold, and blustery. More like a gloomy day in early March than a nearly May Saturday. Monkey Man, Gorilla Girl, and I  were feverish for sunshine, warmth, and spring. Since the sun remained hidden for most of the day, it seemed like a good time to do some baking. Baking the blues, chill, and angst of the work week away not only cured the fever, but also miraculously brought the sun out to shine on the culinary creations.

My mission also included using up over-ripe bananas, proving to myself that I could make pizza dough, and making salty and sweet cookies to feed that snack craving. This week, for the first time in just about a year, Ed bought ice cream from the grocery store — a clear indication that I needed to make more homemade. That task accomplished, too, with honey peanut butter ice cream and our stand by vanilla. Just for health’s sake, I threw in a loaf of whole wheat bread. True to form, when I get cooking, I don’t stop until I run out of ingredients.

Mission accomplished, as Ed said the pizza was amazing, better than last summer’s “healthy” whole wheat pizza dough by a long shot. Evidence: Ed ate about half of the pepperoni pizza, while Gorilla Girl and Monkey Man ate about half of a cheese pizza. I’m getting more willing to adapt and play with my food, and added half a cup of white wine to the water for pizza dough, and replaced sugar with honey. The crust was spectacular, and I think it’s not just the ingredients, but that my hands seem more and more adept with kneading, stretching, and shaping the dough.

Gorilla Girl downed two compost cookies before I could blink.

The banana-cranberry corn bread was hearty and satisfying.

The only problem with all of this baking and cooking on one day is that my kitchen counter is stacked high (and my freezer crammed full) with delicious food to eat, and our family can’t possibly consume all of it. I’ll share the good food with the neighbors later today, and bring tasty treats to my colleagues at work on Monday.

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4 Responses to Feeding the fever

  1. Ah, compost cookies. Those are the best for recuperating!

  2. Wow! I am beyond impressed. I really have no words to express my awe! I am so curious about the honey and PB ice cream, too. I think Doug would love it. Did you modify the recipe from the blog in any way?

  3. I just found out about compost cookies the other day! I ordered The Momofuko Milk Bar cookbook for the store but I think it will come home with me! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great day!

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