Crab(by) and grapefruit salad: it’s spring, so cheer up!

This salad almost didn’t happen this week.  And had it not, life would have gone on, but perhaps it would have been crabbier, and not in the tasty way. The salad put a smile on our faces. I didn’t buy the expensive lump crab, since I couldn’t bring myself to spend $15.00 on one small container.  I opted for Bumblebee canned crab (something that I didn’t even know existed until now — note to self for crab dips). I know it seems weird, but it all worked out for the best.  Sure, if I’d have been having some la-de-da dinner party, I might have sprung for the good stuff, but it was a Thursday night thrown together dinner, after Monkey Man’s therapy, Ed’s track practice, and a long day of work, so we just wanted some food, and fast.   This was a great salad for last minute meals.  I skipped drying out the grapefruit — just tossed it in just before serving, and hoped for the best. We liked it. I’ll be back for more.

A few reasons that spring should clear the crab-webs from your head:

1.  Color is back in our lives — say good bye to gray and hello to green, yellow, purple, red, gold, orange, and blue.

2. Even if it rains, and turns into a gray day, rest assured that blue skies, rainbows, and more blooming flowers are soon to come.

3.  Gorilla Girl is asking to plant flowers in the garden. Maybe you are getting ready to plant your vegetable garden if you are that kind.  I’m waiting for the farmer’s market.

4. Driving with the windows down and the breeze in your face.

5.  Summer is just around the corner.

6. Bunny Ears!

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10 Responses to Crab(by) and grapefruit salad: it’s spring, so cheer up!

  1. Cher says:

    Bunny ears, indeed 🙂 Sometimes, I miss those days with my girls – although, there are many good reasons to enjoy them at their current stage in life.
    Glad you enjoyed the salad!

  2. What cute bunny ears! And, I only made half the recipe so I wouldn’t have to buy the whole pound of crab.

  3. Betsy says:

    This was a much easier meal to put together than I ever expected. Delicious. And, Peggy, I like your list of why to be happy about spring! I am so glad winter is over.

  4. Sounds tasty. Which cookbook is this one from? Good to know about the Bumblebee canned crab, too; I had no idea!

  5. I used to make crab cakes all the time using the Bumblebee canned crab. I should revisit that soon! Glad to hear this was a hit for you!

  6. jyourist says:

    Yellow and blue bunny ears are clearly the most important sign that spring is here! Glad to not have missed it.

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