When spring feels like summer

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl alternate between asking me when they go back to school to see their friends, and whether or not it is summer so we can go to the beach. Global warming is so damn confusing!

Monkey Man's and Gorilla Girl's collage of pine cone, flower bits, berries, and rocks.

At any rate, we’ve enjoyed today, especially because the flowers and trees seem to be in full bloom, and spending time in the yard, making “collages” was high on the list of things accomplished today.

Also accomplished, blowing bubbles, more bike and scooter riding, and cleaning up some downed tree branches. Also, appreciating the amazing color in the yard — color that had been hidden below the gray and brown.

Today’s biggest accomplishment seems to be shedding the winter blues for some spring activity.

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3 Responses to When spring feels like summer

  1. Hello, Just checking in to say I follow your blog now and then but rarely leave comments. Jealous of J&J in Japan. Fun pix of MM & GG blowing bubbles. Frightening that Chicago is getting Daffies in March and that it is warmer there than in Puerto Vallarta where we are during March.

    • Hi Michael — I’ve been jealous of your photos in Mexico, too! Loved the ones at the botanical gardens. Yeah, I have been checking Jan’s blog daily for updates. It looks fabulous. I can’t complain, though, since the weather is so beautiful, despite the worry in the back of my mind about global warming. Hi to Gregory, too! Thanks for checking in!

  2. How fun! I can’t wait to get outside and play in this spring weather with my nieces when they visit next week.

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