Why I teach

This email  came to me this evening.  Sometimes, teaching 7th grade is hard. Recently, with hormones flaring, it has been a challenge. But, all in all, I have the best job in the world.  Evidence follows.

“What do you think when it is Saturday afternoon and you are trying to take a nap when your very large 13 year old son pounces on you to show you the essay he just wrote on an interview he conducted and announces he has been working on it for a couple of hours (with no prompting from you and when you thought he was chatting on Facebook)?
1. Ow!!
2. Good teacher!
3. Coach Bill must be more interesting than u thought!
4. All of the above

Answer: all of the above

Thanks for teaching my kid!!”

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2 Responses to Why I teach

  1. That’s such a nice affirmation. Doesn’t it make it all worthwhile when you get compliments like that?

  2. jyourist says:

    Rock and roll, girl!

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