Snow covered in snow

A red berry bush covered in snow.

Monkey Man has been reading Maisy’s Snowy Christmas Eve, and my favorite line in the book explains that on the journey to find the stuck Eddie, the friends find, “Snow covered in snow.”

The bird bath covered in snow.

Today, to Gorilla Girl’s and Monkey Man’s great joy, we awoke to a world covered in snow.

Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl.  Not yet covered in snow, but the walk is only beginning.

The tree covered in snow.

Three Oaks covered in snow.

Monkey Man covered in snow.

The blizzard continued through the morning, into the afternoon, but finally toward evening, the sun peeked out.

The sun made shadows on the snow cover.

The bird bath covered in snow and in shadow.

Brilliant end to the day, covered in snow.

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4 Responses to Snow covered in snow

  1. I love the sun over the snow in these photos!

  2. Just lovely pictures, beautiful family, and i loved discovering your blog through your comment on my new blog. Thank you for sharing! Yay you!!!

  3. jyourist says:

    What a poetic and creative post! Push those blogging boundaries, girl.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great photos! How much snow did you end up getting?

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