Five on friday

I wrote this post on Friday, but here it is Sunday and I still haven’t posted it.

Okay, so a couple of weeks are in the books for school.  We made it through two Open House nights, one night of babysitters (my former students), and quite a few cross-country meets.  Whatever is in store, we can handle it, no doubt about it.

On Friday, I’d found my way to a much more positive end of the day than I’d managed in previous years at this time of year. Who knows why. But here are my five things that made Friday, well, a good day.

1.  My kids — Gorilla Girl wrote me a story.  In nursery school, they draw pictures and then tell the teachers a story that accompanies the pictures. The teachers transcribe the story as they tell it.  Gorilla Girl drew a picture that included an Eiffel Tower with feet — here’s why. The story was mostly about rainbows, on the way to school, on the way to the park, all around us. Then “Mommy goes to Paris with Kelly. And the Eiffel Tower starts walking. And then we wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower but it’s still walking.” (The Eiffel Tower’s feet are cut off in this scan, too). Of course, one gets new clothes when this happens. The last line of the story is cut off, but the line reads, “And then we go to space.” Like Stephen King, Gorilla Girl has a tough time with endings.

2. My students actually were excited about comic theory. Yes, Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, and my very brief descriptions with questions and examples, held them for 45 minutes and we had a fairly sophisticated discussion about icons. Who knew?

3.  Dinner — we had dinner with good friends. At a really cool place, with babysitters here who seemed to love Gorilla Girl and Monkey Man. And who, when stuck here because their dad wasn’t home, enjoyed or at least feigned enjoyment, talking with their  former 7th grade teacher.

4. Music — Ed bought me Adele 21 for my birthday.  I’ve been woefully behind the current music scene.  It actually is the one thing that makes me feel old, even when I am not really all that old. I have not been listening to new music and I feel absolutely disconnected from the world of new sounds.  Adele is pop music, but at least it is  new for me, and I am eager for more.

5.  Plans — We made some plans about getting together with friends again, and about celebrating Gorilla Girl’s and Monkey Man’s birthday.  Looking forward to a fall full of cooking and celebrating.

Friday night. Two weeks of school done. Kids asleep, husband asleep. Making the most of a moment.

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1 Response to Five on friday

  1. Jennifer says:

    It almost looks like the Eiffel Tower is wearing a beret! Love it!

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