We all scream for ice cream

Yes, Hanz, this IS Oberon Sorbet

When we moved to Three Oaks, there were three ice cream shops in town, and then this summer, we discovered that all three had closed. Perhaps I knew it was coming, because I’d been on an ice cream making kick that has only intensified since summer has really arrived. Of course, we’ve been watching the progress of Olivia’s on Elm Street, and it promises to be open this weekend for those craving the sweet cool treats. Until then, I am concocting deliciously sweet things in my own kitchen.

On Midsummer’s Arrival I posted about ice cream making and HE mistakenly thought, from the photo, that I made Oberon ice cream. I hadn’t at that point, but  her response planted the seed. In the long list of ice creams churned and eaten this summer, Oberon sorbet is among the many. I even made up the recipe. It isn’t really that hard once you get the hang of these ice cream and sorbet recipes. You just add enough liquid and tasty bits to make it work.

I feel the need to document the flavors churned, eaten or stored in my freezer, so here is the list, and it’s only midway through the summer:

Vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, chocolate ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, nutella and chocolate ice cream, peach ice cream, strawberry sour cream ice cream, blueberry cheesecake ice cream, Vietnamese coffee ice cream, blackberry cabernet sorbet, buttermilk lemon sherbert, chocolate ice cream with white chocolate truffles, strawberry frozen yogurt, blackberry coconut milk, coconut milk ice cream with almonds and chocolate chunks, “hot” Aztec chocolate ice cream, Bailey’s Irish cream ice cream,  Oberon sorbet with orange zest, and avocado ice cream.

Chocolate, peach, blackberry cabernet sorbet

To be fair, we’ve shared, taken ice cream to neighbors and parties. However, we’ve eaten quite a bit of it, too. A friend even suggested that I market the ice cream to a local deli in single serve containers. It was tempting — sort of the cook’s equivalent of putting your writing out there in a public space — providing ice cream to a needy town. To do so would probably require more ice cream making prowess than I posses, so I’ll be satisfied with making friends, family and neighbors eager to try my next concoction.

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10 Responses to We all scream for ice cream

  1. Hanna says:

    OHF! This is so exciting – recipe me!

  2. Vietnamese coffee ice cream? That sounds incredible!

  3. Kerry says:

    It’s all incredible – I sampled a few. Blueberry Cheesecake is particularly scrumptious but I haven’t tried Vietnamese Coffee. I am sure it would move to the top of my list!

  4. The bonus about Vietnamese coffee ice cream is that you can have it for breakfast!
    I’ll bring some to the next play group.

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  8. Kate says:

    saw you on wp “family” tag, and your ice cream caught my eye. I too have been making homemade ice cream this year and am from MI. Awesome. I’ll have to make some beer sorbet, avocado and we are always up for more coffee recipes! Does everyone love coming to your house in the summer?


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